Honevo® is the pharmaceutical honey that provides skin condition sufferers with natural, clinically-proven topical treatments

The ancient Egyptians and Greeks used honey for its remarkable ability to effectively and safely treat wounds. Thousands of years later, we now have a far better understanding of honey’s anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effects.

Honevo is a patent-pending formulation of pharmaceutical-grade kanuka honey. Kanuka is a close cousin of manuka that has excited researchers with its ability to treat a range of skin conditions. Honevo’s unique formulation of kanuka honey combines powerful antibacterial activity with deep moisturising.

Honevo is safe, natural, and proven.

Honevo is created by internationally reknown natural products researcher Professor Shaun Holt, author of over 100 articles in the medical literature.

Honevo has one of the highest antibacterial activity levels seen in a honey. Honevo’s unique formulation also has anti-inflammatory properties that add to its healing power.

Honevo is developed with an evidence-based approach to ensure that it is a safe and effective treatment.

Honevo is the first honey with clinical trials evidence that it can treat conditions including acne and rosacea.

The science behind Honevo

Honevo is a formulation of kanuka honey with a number of useful properties. Honevo has an osmotic effect, acidity, and high-levels of anti-microbial substances, which combine to create an extremely powerful anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral effect.

While chemical-based anti-bacterial products or bleach-based acne treatments may dry and damage the skin, the Honevo formulation of kanuka honey naturally moisturises the skin.

Honey provides a natural barrier to bacteria and further infection. Honevo has high-levels of anti-microbial substances such as hydrogen peroxide that are natural antiseptic and promote fast healing of wounds to reduce chances of scarring.

While the healing properties of honey have been known for centuries, Professor Holt discovered that kānuka honey – a lesser known cousin of mānuka – has one of the highest antibacterial activity levels seen as well as anti-inflammatory properties.


“The Honevo Kanuka Honey has changed my practice. It is so effective for decreasing the inflammation of both rosacea and acne. Our patients really love it.”

Top New York dermatologist, Dr. Debra Jaliman, MD.



Honevo Products

Honevo skin care products all contain the same strong kanuka honey formulation, however are boxed and labelled differently so that users can choose a product which is appropriately named, with specific application instructions for the condition.

Honevo Red

Honevo controls Rosacea by treating redness and bumps while moisturising the skin.

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Honevo Sore Lip

Honevo helps heal the cold sore lesion naturally and as fast as possible.

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Honevo Acne

Honevo moisturises as it treats, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and clear.

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